Trimming Hedges

Using a Boom Mower to Trim Hedges

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Using a boom mower to trim hedges.

Although boom mowers are generally used for mowing roadside weeds they can also be used to trim hedges.

If you decide to trim hedges, it is important to check out a few things first.

When any boom mower cutting head is off the ground, cut material can be thrown a great distance.

You should be aware of this and check out the area to make sure that you can do the work without damage to adjoining property.


Boom Mower

Rear Mount Boom Mowers

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The Case for a New Type of Boom Mower

Known as "boom mowers, articulating arm mowers or reach mowers" have been around in various configurations since 1955.

They developed quite differently in the U.S.A than Europe and we will discuss why this was.

Europe (England and France particularly) had centuries old farms that had hedges for boundaries and for containing animals. They were built in the days before chain link or barbed wire was invented but when those materials were available the hedges were allowed to remain despite the maintenance of them as they were habitat for several species of animal which were an important part of the diet of the farmers’ family.

Even in the early 20th century, cutting costs was an important part of farming and as most every farm had a tractor which was used to plow, disc and all the other routine functions that farmers did, an attachment that could be quickly fitted to trim the hedges was desirable.


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